Yoga Studio Design Work

How might we rebrand and expand the network of the Yoga is for Everyone Studio to reach and encourage younger practitioners to go to the studio?

2018 - 2019

Project Nature

Branding, Logo Design, Content Creation

Tools & Methods

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


This internship was a passion project directed at encouraging more high school and college students to practice yoga. As a studio intern (or Yoga Ambassador) I planned and executed promo plans and created publicity materials to promote the studio

The Studio

The Yoga is for Everyone (YIFE) Studio believes that there is always yoga for everyone. No matter the level of fitness, health condition, age, or body size. The studio’s yoga community has allowed each of their students to explore their limits, physically and mentally, and have fun while doing so. As a boutique yoga studio, it is a place where practitioners, be they first-timers, newbies, or veterans, feel empowered to bring strength, harmony, peace, and joy in their lives.  

The community believes that yoga is possible for everybody and every body. One does not have to be flexible, slim, or strong to practice yoga. One only needs to have the time, willingness, and patience to practice. 

"The body is the most precious possession anyone can ever own." Take care of it from inside and outside.

When I was an intern at Yoga is For Everyone (YIFE), the yoga studio mostly catered to senior members of Celebrity Sports Club - those aged 40 up. Us interns took it upon ourselves to rebrand and expand the networks of the yoga studio in order to reach out to younger generations.

The Logo Redesign

The original logo was in dire need of a redesign. The colors weren’t mixing well, the photo far too pixelized, the shapes too rigid, and overall exhibiting bad design.​​​​​​​

Old Logo

As I was designing the new logo, I made it a point to modernize, yet stay true to the elements of the original logo. I decided to use Adobe Illustrator for this project.

The lotus flower is a common symbol used in yoga and it represents various meanings.  I personally love how the lotus flower, borne from muddy and murky waters, can bloom so beautifully despite its environment. I found this to be a perfect representation when practicing yoga. When one practices during times of turbulence and uncertainty, there is always the steady but fluid, gentle but strong energy that yoga provides-- thus, beauty born from a muddy and murky environment, whether it is internal or external. 

The different colors of the lotus flower signify the different chakras an individual possesses. Chakras are a crucial source of the invisible energy in our bodies that make individuals active, lively and vibrant every day. For instance, the root chakra or the color red defines the human’s relation to the earth. It brings a tremendous impact on our survival, vitality, and passion. These colors are the same colors used for the hammocks used in the studio’s aerial yoga classes.

Lastly, I was told by the owner of the studio to make sure to include the name of the studio on the logo, hence completing the look. Overall the new logo has a feeling of peace about it, thanks to the soft gradients and curves, and representative of the practice of yoga.

My redesign

My proposed logo was soon after approved by the owner and is currently being used by the studio since 2019.

Graphic Design​​​​​​​

As part of our efforts to invite the younger generation to practice at the YIFE studio, Club Yoga was launched. 

Yoga Club is an after-school program affordably priced and specially created for high school and college students. The program introduces the different types of yoga practices (Hatha, Vinyasa, Aerial, Power, etc) to students so they may know which type of yoga class they prefer to practice.

Below are a few publicity materials I designed to market the program. I used Adobe Photoshop to create the following:

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