Oh, you want to get to know me more?

Sure! I'm a Speech Communication graduate from the University of the Philippines. I like to use everything I learned about communication, rhetoric, and persuasion and apply it in design.

My favorite design tool is Figma— learning components, variants, and auto-layout changed my life (lol)— and my favorite Google productivity tool (besides Google Drive of course) is Google Sheets (you can make a spreadsheet for anything!!).

When I'm not working I like to practice yoga, spend time with my dogs, or cook delicious meals for my loved ones.

That's a snapshot of me! Shoot me a message on Facebook or Twitter and we can talk a lot more! :)

Photo of Red

Some of my thoughts on...

Graduation Day!

This is photo of me on June 2019.

It's a tradition for graduates of the University of the Philippines to strike pose with the sunflowers along University Avenue.

I finished my degree in Speech Communication as a Cum Laude but really, I was just happy to finally have my own photo with the sunflowers.

Yoga for Life!

Ever since I started my yoga practice back in 2017, I told myself I'd be practicing for life.

Yoga grounds me and gives me the peace and clarity I need to muster up the strength to face another day.

While I may have busy weeks where I'm inconsistent with my practice, I know that yoga will welcome with open arms me when I get back on the mat.

Japan Love!

This is a photo of me enjoying Hanami season during my exchange student program at Hokkaido University in 2017.

It was a wonderful experience to learn and live away from home. I made many friends along the way and gained a deeper love and appreciation for Japan. I can't wait to go back!