Hi! I'm Red, a product designer driven by curiosity, collaboration, and enthusiasm focusing in B2B and SaaS products.


Hey there! I'm a product designer currently based in Barcelona.

At heart, I'm a communicator and I've used my skills to collaborate and connect with people to solve user and business challenges.

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Rolls od recycled pape, put in a green box.Hand holding a greeting card with cute bees and flowers illustrated on it, in front of a green bush.A greeting card with American Goldfinch bord placed on a white linen with what plant next to it.A misty green forest.Zoomed in view of a hand writing 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle' with a marker on a paper.Dragontree plant in front of a pink wall.A notebook with Arches National Park illustrated on it, leaned om a white wall, and a small white vase next to it.